Spring Safety: Avoiding Preventable Accidents

It is officially spring, and in Southern California that means many people will start spending more time outside having fun. This is especially true for students during spring break. While spring is certainly a great time to enjoy oneself, it bears reminding that safety should always be a priority. Spring and fun activities do create unique risks that everyone should be aware of in order to avoid them.

At the Law Offices of Michael Rix, we do notice seasonality when it comes to certain types of accidents and injuries. While Attorney Michael Rix and our team are readily available to help victims following these accidents, we also want to provide some helpful information so that local residents can keep themselves and others around them safe this spring:

  • Distracted Driving – Spring means more vehicles on the road, especially as many college students have free time to get out and about. Unfortunately, in their excitement to celebrate and enjoy fun activities, motorists may be more inclined to use cell phones, text message, or engage in other dangerous distractions behind the wheel, all of which substantially increase crash risks. In fact, a recent study from the University of Miami found that there were big spikes in car accidents and traffic fatalities in cities during spring break weeks, roughly a 9 percent increase over other times of the year. Researchers believe a large part of this increase was due to the likelihood that with more young drivers on the road, it is more likely to be involved in a wreck with a distracted driver. Whenever you hit the road, or whenever your child gets behind the wheel, driving should always be the primary task. Distracted driving has real consequences, and negligent motorists who use a cell phone or engage in other distractions while operating a motor vehicle can be held liable for victims’ damages.
  • Impaired Driving – As people get more adventurous during spring or spring breakers commit themselves to celebrating, impaired driving becomes a top concern. This is often why local law enforcement boosts DUI patrols during spring break. While there is nothing wrong with choosing to celebrate with alcohol, driving under the influence is a negligent, dangerous, and illegal act. It is also one that can easily be avoided when you plan for a ride or use a taxi or rideshare app. Remember, drunk drivers can face criminal penalties for their wrongdoing, as well as civil actions for compensating any victims they harm in preventable wrecks.
  • Increased Traffic – Spring break and the spring months commonly bring an increase in traffic. What’s more, there may be a great deal of motorists from out of town who may not be familiar with local roads or rules. When there is more traffic congestion, motorists should always make sure to be extra vigilant, not follow too closely, and travel at a speed safe for the given conditions. Motorists should also be mindful of pedestrians, especially near larger celebrations or events.
  • Boating – Boating is a popular activity as it begins to warm up during spring, and as college students hit the lake for spring break. When boating, safety should always be a top priority. This means obeying the rules, operating a boat sober, operating at a safe speed, and being respectful of others in the water. Life jackets and other safety devices, especially for water sports, should always be used properly.
  • Water Safety – In addition to boating, some may choose to hit the pool or the beach this spring. When it comes to water safety for children, supervision is the single most important thing. Additionally, everyone can benefit from swimming with a partner, being near lifeguards, being cautious of currents when at the ocean, and knowing how to respond in the event of an emergency.

Even when a person makes safety a top priority, preventable accidents can still happen when others are negligent. Thankfully, victims injured in preventable accidents have the legal right to hold at-fault parties liable for their damages, including medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering, among others. Our firm is prepared to help victims takes the necessary steps toward asserting their rights and maximizing their recovery.

Following preventable wrecks, you can trust Santa Clarita Personal Injury Attorney Michael Rix to help you better understand your rights and how we can help you pursue the compensation you rightfully deserve. We offer free consultations to victims and families who wish to discuss a potential case. Contact us today.


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